Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What if?

What if the goal of a “New World Order” or “Global Governance” wasn’t the imagination of conspiracy theorist(s)?  What if instead of independent, caldrons of ideas and economic experiments, the world was made-up of a global, top down oligarchy?  What if too big to fail, failed?

It was the intent of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution that the States remain independent of each other to safeguard the “free markets”, to allow each State to respond as needed for the needs of their residents in the most efficient and creative manner possible.  To prevent the States from unifying for anything other than their safety and economic benefit, was clearly understood by the Framers.

So what harm could happen to the citizen’s of the United States as our local representatives saunter down the path of “Sustainable Development”?  Now remember that when the term sustainable development is used, it not only refers to the development of buildings, roads, farms and transportation corridors.  Sustainable development refers to the ‘3’ E’s; Environment, Economy and Equity .  Since Agenda 21’s goal is a global unification of the ‘3’ E’s, is it logical to take it to the next step that this top down, global structure could become the nirvana it’s promised to be?  Or, is it more reasonable to believe that a top down, global oligarchy (that which Hayek warned against) will inevitably fail in a magnificent catastrophe?  That it will cause the massive death and destruction of human life, leaving humanity in shambles, left to tyrants and/or patriots to rebuild itself?  Well, that story remains to play itself out and until it does, it’s my belief that patriots will always rebuild the world the way the Framers envisioned.

So why did I ramble on this way?  The first article represents what should’ve happened in response to the “too big to fail” scenario of 2008.  The second article is what I believe will continue to happen if our elected representatives follow the goals of Agenda 21.

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