Friday, September 23, 2011

Shifting the Winds for 2012

With all conversations between the Independents, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Green Party, Socialist Party, Communist Party, et al…where have we heard anyone speaking out against Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development, ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability, the United Nations Wildlands Project or Project 60?  We can elect the same politicians or we can elect all new politicians, but we will not cure what ails the United States of America until we address the erosion of the protections guaranteed the United States citizen’s under our Constitution, unless we get the politician’s and the voters to talk openly and honestly about this issue.

Some have told me that this sentence; “Sustainable Development is stealing the American Dream”, will be vilified as the “White Man’s Dream”Has the American Dream been only the dream of the white man?  I do not believe that statement is true. The American Dream is not a dream of a house, home, 2.5 children and a white picket fence for me.  The American Dream for me is all about Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Property (happiness), where each individual can guide the path of their own life and achieve as much or little as they choose to work for.  These are the civil liberties that must be guarded for all U.S. citizens and the future citizens of a great country that offers the great dream, the American Dream.

What do you think? Is the American Dream only the white man’s dream?  Or, is it a vision of success that is attainable to every man, woman and child, as long as we preserve and restore the protections afforded to all of us through the United States Constitution?

Yours In Truth  Winking smile  Shelly

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