Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whatcom County considering the implementation of Ruckelshaus & the Natural Resources Market Place; Hands Off Our HOMES / FARMS / BUSINESSES / CHURCHES / BODIES / PROPERTY!

A major article posted from a local source (wish the local newspapers provided this type of insight) covers an impending ACTION by the Whatcom County Council to move forward the implementation of the “Washington State Ruckelshaus, Watershed Advisory Commission Board; 2011-HB 1886” and the “Natural Resources Marketplace”.  “How do you say? Hello Cap and Trade!”  The WC Council sent out a quickie bid (available on the WC website for one week?) for a “Request for Proposal” on how they can meld these two property taking regulations into Whatcom County Code.

Here is a small taste of the article with a link to the full story and a great video of a courageous woman speaking to her Council about the dangers of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

Everything is an action plan:
    • A – Agenda 21

    • C – Community

    • T – Teamwork

    • I – In

    • O – Operation

    • N – Now

    • !

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Major Alarm - RFP Kick-Starting Ruckelshaus and NRM Supposedly for "Ag" Is Looming


WE have previously alerted readers about eco-activist efforts to take “planning” to a shocking new level in Whatcom County.  We dredged on the “Natural Resources Marketplace” (NRM) and the “Ruckelshaus Bill.”
WE have just discovered that Whatcom County Planning has moved ahead like a rocket to kick-start both of these mechanisms.   How are they pulling this off?
Under the cover of “agricultural conservation,” proponents of central ecology control through the Natural Resources Marketplace and Ruckelshaus have steadily taken a very firm grip on the Whatcom County Agriculture Advisory Committee.   Through an elaborate protracted process including a special public-private partnership with eco-activist group Farm Friends, this committee authored the Agricultural Strategic Plan (ASP – yes, like the snake).   The ASP (read it) says Whatcom County government, working with the Natural Resources Marketplace group and others, should manipulate the tangible and intangible ecological resources of all property in the county.  They're talking watersheds.  And they're talking about public and private property.  And all has been framed saying the ASP will enhance and protect agriculture "for future generations."   A person would think this is nice, that it will assure that 100,000 acres of land will be actively farmed, but that's a figleaf.   It's a ruse for convoluted growth management that will be in the hands of a tight cadre that we don't elect, and can't eject.

Click here to read the full story.

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