Sunday, December 4, 2011

By Jove!, I do believe He’s got it!

This short video is the best illustration of the the dis-similarities of the Tea Partiers and the Occupiers.

Tea Party supporters believe that individual responsibility has been replaced with a big government nanny, who pretends to be able to provide a utopian existence for everyone.  The Tea Party solution is to “cut” government spending, reduce taxes, reduce regulation and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in all human beings. When this spirit is allowed to grow and flourish it feeds the ability for anyone to reach as far as they desire to.

Occupy supporters believe that society has failed to provide a big enough safety net to fulfill the dreams of everyone, because the “greedy” do not give enough back to the society that made them rich.  The Occupy solution is to “increase” government spending, increase taxes, and create more regulation. They believe the prevention of an individual from attaining too much prosperity, enforces things to remain “equal” for everyone, regardless of effort and risk. This belief is that equal outcomes will create social justice for all.

How do you spell, “Too big to fail”?  You decide…History has shown that one of these approaches always works and the other always fails.  The common problem for both movements is government.  The solution is as different as night and day.  Constant interference by the government through taxation, fees, and regulation, has created a loss of the individuals right to use their property for pursuit of prosperity for themselves and their family, In retrospect, government has grown so big, so fast, and now has so much debt, even the wealthy cannot repay all that debt.

The only similarity these two movements have is that they both realize that the political system has broken down and become something unrecognizable to the vision of the Our Founders.

YiT,  Shelly

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