Friday, December 23, 2011

What is Global Governance 2025?

Why is the United States government publishing documents like this?  If you know the answer, share it, because the obvious answer is that this is the long term goal.  Where will that leave you and I?

YiT,  Shelly


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  1. If or when we ever have one world government, we will have no diversity. If the government doesn't happen to be to your liking, there will be nowhere else to go.

    The United States used to be the ultimate destination for the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. Not to come here for a handout, but for the freedom that the land of opportunity offered.

    And of course, there were plenty of places to go for those who prefer communism, collectivism, socialism, fascism, Nazism, tyranny and oppression. Today those people are evidently too lazy to seek out those places, but instead would rather bring that kind of government here -- or make it global. What fun.


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