Tuesday, June 28, 2011

“Dear Mr. President; Please Grant the United States a Waiver!”

The other evening while enjoying the company of friends, our conversation drifted to our health issues and availability of physician's to perform needed surgeries.  About six months ago I was diagnosed with an ailment related to my age.  My general physician referred me to a specialist in their office, so I was seen again in reasonably quick order.  After completing my visit and receiving the test results, it was determined that I would need the services of a local specialist.  The appointment with the specialist was made within the week and after a brief visit with the specialist to determine the procedure that we both agreed to, I was told I would receive a call to set-up my appointment for the procedure.  After waiting for a month and receiving no call, I made a call to the physician’s office to inquire about why no one had followed up with my case.  Well things definitely went into high gear from there and I received a date for my procedure to happen in six weeks. The procedure was done, my recovery was quick and all is right with the world. They even called 24 hours later to make sure that I was doing well after my out-patient surgery.

The reason I have share this story with you, is that while sharing with my friends my health issues, it was revealed to me that my doctor (who had done a marvelous job for me) was also their doctor and would be unable to do their procedure because the doctor is moving out of the Whatcom County area.  This doctor is a specialist and well respected for their skill in this specialty.  This doctor works in a specialty field that is not well covered in this community and thus, Bellingham/Whatcom County will have one less skilled physician to serve our community and this is happening with greater frequency.  The number of skilled physicians is shrinking nation wide, as reported in these two articles:

With that in mind I want to share this brief comment and a link to the “Forbes” magazine article that spurred its writing.

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CMPI LOGODear Mr. President: Grant the United States a Waiver

One of the greatest disgraces of this administration has been its decision to grant waivers for ObamaCare willy-nilly to all its friends. Everyone by now knows what's in the new health care legislation, and they know it's not the answer to our nation's ailing health system.  Instead of fixing a lot of problems like Medicaid, it expands them.  Rather than finding more market-based ways to fund Medicare, it slashes the funding it so desperately needs.  What's worse, however, is the fact that all friends of the administration are shielded from the devastating effects that will be felt by the American people.  As the law's "reforms" have forced insurers to raise premiums and cancel services, 1,347 waiver applications were approved.  The Government Accountability Office (GAO) says these waivers were granted because ObamaCare's new rules threaten to harm consumers.  If that's the case, we believe every American should be entitled to a waiver.  Let's act now before it's too late. 


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