Tuesday, June 21, 2011

“When Big Energy Speaks Out”

Heard some quotes worthy of repeating today:

  • Use your brain to vote for what’s right, not your heart.
  • A progressive company is as dangerous as a progressive politician.
  • Occam’s Razor; “Never avoid the obvious.”  When it comes to the energy policy the obvious is; “the people who are in powerful political positions are making policy to benefit themselves, not to benefit the people.”

All that said, I truly enjoyed today’s Glenn Beck Show where he hi-lights the comments and concerns of small, mid-sized and big energy companies with regards to the present U.S. energy policy.  The Obama Administration said that you can start-up a coal company in the U.S., but they would bankrupt the coal company(s).  President Obama is keeping his word on this one.  ‘5’ coal companies have closed their doors this past month, due to pressure from the EPA and like agencies.  They use regulatory reform to nudge policies which choose the winners and losers on the road to “higher” energy costs and which favor the Corporation’s that are friendly to this Administration’s policies.

Here is a link to a sight dedicated to help “We the People” keep an eye on big businesses that adhere to “free market” principles and those that don’t: The name is BigBusinessWatch.org and if you click on the hyperlink, you too can keep a watch on “Big Businesses that are in bed with Big Government.”  Also, if you didn’t have the opportunity to watch today’s Glenn Beck Show, please check out the video I’ve embedded below.

Together we make a difference and will succeed at re-affixing our Country to it’s foundation of “life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, with justice for all”.

Yours In Truth  Winking smile  Shelly

Big Energy Speaks Out on the Glenn Beck Show

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