Friday, June 17, 2011

Time to Opt Out of the “Social Security Ponzi Scheme?”

At the beginning of President George W. Bush’s 2nd term, he had the courage to bring up Social Security reform.  Within seconds he was vilified, bastardized, deserted and humiliated after a victorious run for his 2nd term, by friends and foes alike.  My heart had soared when I heard the words “privatization of Social Security”.  For many years I have known that Social Security and Medicare “are” Ponzi-schemes of the largest magnitude, ever perpetrated upon an unwitting public.  The great thing about Ponzi-schemes is that they “are” great unless you happen to be one of the “Pawns” at the bottom.  To exasperate this scheme further, all levels of government are working to reduce population growth (population growth is a necessary component of a Ponzi-scheme) and they are regulating the be-gee-bee’s on to the “American way of life”, to the point that it looks nothing like the intent of our Country’s foundational principles.  When you rob a nation of its wealth and it posterity, how can you expect any result other than  repeated booms and busts?  Booms and busts that have been created not by market forces, but the well intentioned (?) acts of overt political parties and their minions who’ve been promised the undeliverable.

It looks like there are more brave soldiers out there who are willing to take on those who would enslave us and our children to keep themselves in power, with their proposal of SAFE ACT (HR 2109).  I trust that at this juncture in American history,  we will all work together to wake the citizenry up and look honestly at how to reform Social Security and Medicare,  To bring Social Security and Medicare back to their natural state as private property acquired and owned by private individuals.  They are not the property of the “State”!

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The Mediscare demagogues should heed their own advice for Social Security.

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Thursday, June 16th at 2:30PM EDT


The Social Security Ponzi scheme is perhaps the most consequential government infringement upon our lives.  Conservatives are justifiably outraged that Obama egregiously mandated that we purchase health insurance.  However, the individual mandate is not nearly as meddlesome and tyrannical as the government’s complete control over our retirement security.  The only reason why these two programs are regarded differently by the public, is because Social Security has been around for 75 years.  Consequently, most Americans are conditioned to believe that a person’s retirement is indissolubly tied to government-run Social Security.

Now that Social Security is running a perennial deficit and is facing insolvency, conservatives have an opportunity to reverse one of the most flagrant violations of our property rights, by offering workers the option to opt out of the Madoff-style program.

As the unfunded liability for Social Security balloons to $21.4 trillion over the next 20 years, it is painfully obvious to young workers that they will not enjoy much retirement security, if any, from the government program.  Democrats are totally apathetic to their grim future; they will be long retired by then, enjoying the full array of government benefits that they secured for themselves.  Meanwhile, they would rather demagogue the issue, using fallacious scare tactics to stir up current retirees.  Accordingly, we should harness the Democrats’ Mediscare demagoguery towards seniors, and direct it towards younger Americans.  If Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan will push granny over the hill, the status quo of the Democrats’ Ponzi scheme will prevent the grandchild from making it up the hill.

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