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“Re Sources” throws an Anchor on the “Gateway Pacific Terminal Project”

Ever wonder why nothing ever comes of “new” manufacturing or production jobs” in Whatcom County?  With the urging of “Re-Sources for Sustainable Communities, the environmental law firm “Earthjustice” is throwing the process back to the permit level.  Based on SSA’s original permit’s “lack” of inclusion for the word “coal” and the “under stated” potential increase in train traffic at it’s maximum projected potential not documented in their original 1992 permit.  You need to understand that Re-Sources for Sustainable Communities only exist because they have professional grant writers.  These professional’s milk the tax payers for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to fund their efforts to “kill” all manufacturing and production that isn’t of a “socially” acceptable, green variety.  These “Eco-Fads” are killing American jobs and America’s ability to have a vibrant, sustainable economy.  An economy solely based on “green” is doomed for bankruptcy because you must have a diverse economy that relies on a multi-layered field of businesses, if we are to provide jobs for the masses.  A diverse economy is capable of withstanding the booms and busts of business cycles and yes, those rascally evil “economic bubbles”, like the internet and housing markets.

The links I’ve provided below will give you some good research to see how these NGO’s are taking government money to use against “YOU” and is a huge part of the jobless recovery we have been experiencing of late.

Re Sources for Sustainable Communities; “Stormwater University”:

Found as Re Sources:

Found as Re sources:

Found as Sustainable Connections 2010:

Found as Sustainable Connections:

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Please enjoy the article in today’s Bellingham Herald confirming that Re-Sources for Sustainable Communities has contracted with the law firm “Earthjustice” to stall/prevent the Gateway Pacific Terminal from moving forward on development of the cargo terminal proposal for Cherry Point.  These organizations want “all” petroleum, carbon based industries to be shut down in the United States, yet there is no viable alternative to replace these energy sources for the next 5+ decades, as documented by the renowned physics professor Dr.Richard R Muller.  How will the “human” population feed and cloth themselves and their children if we are forced to return to the pre-industrialized ages?

POSTED: Thursday, Jun. 23, 2011

Whatcom County: Gateway Pacific cargo terminal needs new permit


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Developers of the Gateway Pacific Terminal must apply for an entirely new shoreline permit if they want to build a facility capable of handling up to 54 million tons of cargo a year, including coal.

The decision from Whatcom County planners deals a setback to SSA Marine of Seattle, which proposes to build the terminal at Cherry Point, west of Ferndale.

The company says it has a valid 1997 permit for a smaller facility that could handle up to 8.2 million tons of cargo a year, not including coal (the permit mentions moving petroleum coke, iron ore, sulfur, potash and wood chips).

coal train

    The company argues that the larger facility would simply require processing the application as a "revision" to the existing permit, and that the revisions would undergo the same level of scrutiny as a new application.

    Environmental groups, including Earthjustice, an environmental law firm, dispute that. The group said accepting the application as a revision would mean less public scrutiny, and would mean the project could avoid tough environmental standards because it would be reviewed under 1992 shorelines laws instead of newer ones.

    The law firm represents Sierra Club, Climate Solutions, and Re-Sources for Sustainable Communities, a Bellingham nonprofit that opposes SSA's plans.

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