Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Right Thing or the Act of Tyrants?

On June 9, 2011, President Barack Obama passed by executive order the “White House Rural Council to Strengthen Rural Communities”.  This order gives access to federal money to pay NGO’s to go out into our rural communities and create zones of acceptance into this alliance which is directly tied to ICLEI (Bellingham/Whatcom County have already signed onto ICLEI, given grant money and written into our City and County Charters language that supports ICLEI) Solar Farmand Agenda 21.  Through grants that have federal strings attached they hope to gain acceptance of the “green zone” into the bread baskets of our nation“He who controls the food, controls the people!”, as quoted by Thomas Jefferson.  I can see the wind and solar farms dotting the nation of what once was the bread basket, soon to be a dead and barren zone.

Is this the right thing to do? Educate yourself and spread the word  to your friends, family and especially to the millions of rural farmers and property owners, that these warm and fuzzy “green zones” are similar in nature to the multitude of “neighborhood associations” that have sprung up in most urban areas.  The purpose of these associations is that you essentially give up a good portion of your property rights, with the promise that this will protect your neighborhood.  What it also does is it gives unelected people taxing authority over your property to cover their costs of writing up regulations which can/will impede your ability to do with your property what has been zoned legal for you to do.  These rural community councils are not elected, they are appointed by political leaders who have bought into the need to develop “green zones”.  As stated in the American Thinker article: October 28, 2009; UN Agenda 21 - Coming to a Neighborhood near You; By Scott Strzelczyk and Richard Rothschild, these types of actions make for strange bedfellows.  If you don’t already know how Agenda 21, ICLEI, LGS, Neighborhood Associations and now Rural Council’s plan to disrupt your rights as owners of private property, please click here and pay close attention to this video.

The video’s below cover the executive order signed by POTUS on June 9, 2011, Michelle Obama’s endorsement that POTUS is doing what he see’s as the long term goal of what’s right (energy prices will necessarily soar) for America, Van Jones kick-off campaign for President Obama’s slogan “Rebuild the Dream” (from the former Green Czar), and the head of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumpka, pledging 12 million Union Members to the “Rebuild the Dream” campaign.  Since Spain lost more jobs than they gained after they implemented their “green economy”, I find it hard to believe that today’s American Union members cant’ see the forest beyond the trees here.  What I mean by that is, Mr. Trumpka is selling bup-kiss to the Union membership with his pledge to endorse the “greening of the American economy”.

Please watch the videos and decide; “Is this is the “right’ thing for America?”

Yours In Truth  Winking smile  Shelly

Non-partisan video explaining the effects of the president’s latest executive order: White House Rural Council to Strengthen Rural Communities

Michelle Obama endorsing her husband and President of the United States for doing the “right thing”.

Van Jones, disgraced White House Green Czar, due to his unabashed allegiance to Communism is now out front campaigning for “Rebuild the Dream”.  The new mantra for 2012 after “Yes We Can”.

Richard Trumpka, AFL-CIO Union Boss, pledging 12 million union workers to the “Rebuild the Dream” campaign. 


  1. So much of this is written in double speak language that at first fools the reader into thinking oh, that sounds OK, but is really the political double speak that erodes our rights and accepted ways of life, bit by little bit.

  2. "Me thinks that is the intent!"

    There have been attempts to require that legislation be written so that the average citizen can comprehend it; which would be an act of "common sense." The fact that they ignore the need for legal, voting citizen's to understand the change(s) proposed to their rights when these documents are written, means that they don't want or care for us to understand the legislation. If you need a dictionary or lawyer next to you to decipher the "meaning inside of the meaning", is one of the many reasons that so many U.S. voters are dis-engaged from the political process.


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