Monday, November 14, 2011

Keystone Pipeline on hold? Canadian PM looks to China for a solution to energy production needs of the world.

The Keystone Project has been put on hold until 2013 (well after the 2012 elections) due to the Obama Administrations “new” concerns over environmentally sensitive areas in the U.S. Great Plains aquifers.

The project had been moving ahead smoothly until the Obama Administration was persuaded (?) by the environmentalists that “any” leak along the oil pipeline has the potential to destroy the shallow aquifers along the Great Plains.

With that mindset, where does the United States have to go?  What is 100% safe?  How did we as a Nation make it this far, become this wealthy, only to be taken over by anti-capitalist, anti-industrialist, anti-free market, eco-terrorists?  If the United States turns the corner beyond recovery, the coming “Ecologarchy” will destroy the “gem” known as the United States Constitution and burn it in effigy.  Have you considered what they plan to replace the Constitution with?  Can you say “Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development”?

2012 is coming fast and the need to scare the @rap out of the voters will be paramount to the Obama Administration’s plan to fully implement A21/Sustainable Development policy.  Al Gore's scorched earth message is taught nationally in our public schools, colleges and universities.  Where is the balanced message which staunchly denies Mr. Gore’s?  It’s not being taught, and thus it will not take many more years before we have 2 –3 decades of phony environmental science used to set policy for the next generations.

I bring this article to you, fully understanding that there is a conflict between this project and our Constitutional right to protect our right to property from the theft of “eminent domain”, confiscation.  It is imperative that such a project proceed, but it must be done in a Constitutional manner that gives just compensation to the owners of the private property, or sets up leases for the use of their land, without infringing upon the rights of the property owners to use their land.

The United States must continue private research and development in fossil fuels, as they are the only proven economically viable sources of energy at this time.  Nuclear is great but still relatively expensive to get started with the excessive regulations which impede any reasonable timeline of implementation.  Wind and solar energy are extremely expensive, unstable and have a long way to go before they will be reliable sources of energy for large population centers around the US.  Coal, natural gas, hydro, shale, and crude oil, are all readily available, inexpensive and proven technology for energy production.

The only reason the United States has veered away from these energy sources is Agenda 21 and those looking to set-up an Ecologarchy to “control” all natural resources.  Do your homework and look to see if your Community is setting up a “Natural Resources Marketplace”.  If that’s not an Ecologarchy, I don’t know Sus Devp (small)what would be!

YiT,  Shelly

Canadian PM eyes China after US pipeline delay

Nov 13 06:28 PM US/Eastern

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper (L) and US President Barack Obama co...

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Sunday that he was looking at exporting more oil to China after the United States delayed a decision on a controversial pipeline.

President Barack Obama's administration last week put off a decision on Keystone XL project after a major protest campaign by environmentalists, who say the pipeline would be prone to accidents and worsen climate change.

The conservative Canadian leader, taking part in a summit in Hawaii hosted by Obama said the pipeline decision had produced "extremely negative reactions" and that he discussed oil exports with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

"This does underscore the necessity of Canada making sure that we are able to access Asian markets for our energy products," Harper told reporters. "I indicated that yesterday (Saturday) to President Hu of China."

The Harper government has pressed Obama to approve the 1,700-mile (2,700-kilometer) pipeline extension, which would stretch through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma before ending up in Texas.

Canada, the pipeline's lead company TransCanada, and Obama's Republican opponents say the $7 billion project would provide the United States with a stable source of energy from an ally and create thousands of jobs.

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