Friday, November 18, 2011

Tea Party proposes Budget for US Senate; Schumer & Reid shut them off

Yesterday, had scheduled a hearing for the United States Senate to address the work done by members of  They requested this hearing to propose cuts for the Federal budget that would receive support from Tea Party supporters, nationwide.  There were $9.7 trillion dollars in cuts proposed, for the U.S. Senate to consider.  This hearing was shut down by Senator Schumer (D-NY)and Senate Speaker Harry Reid (D-NV).  They wouldn’t even allow “the People”, who had traveled from afar, to present their finding to the Senate, at the seat of “the People”.

Senator Lee (R-UT) led the group to a nearby facility at Hillsdale College, where they were then able to speak to the Senators who walked with the group, and listen to the presentation being brought forth by “the People”.

Please enjoy this short video of what happened there and I encourage you to follow the link to their proposed cuts and see for yourself, how easily the Federal government could get our fiscal house in order if they only had the principles to do so.

YiT,  Shelly to Present US Senate with Tea Party Budget Proposal

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