Monday, November 7, 2011

The Mob Rule’s of Occupiers in DC

The Occupiers of “Occupy Washington DC” this weekend apparently took their protest to the annual meeting of Americans for Prosperity.  The AFP organization was instrumental in getting many petitions served onto the politicians as they crammed through the PPACA, and they fought hard for transparency in the process of the Health Care bill’s passage.

The first video is of a handicapped woman who wishes to leave the building, but is prevented from doing so because of the protestors blockade.

The second video is of the same evening, different moment in time, where protestors used children to cause a blockade.  The videographer tries to question why anyone would bring children and expose them to this type of potential harm.  Since a lot of these protests have degraded into violence, it does not make sense that a “caring'” parent would be so irresponsible.  This definitely looks like child abuse to me.

YiT,  Shelly

Handicapped Woman prevented from leaving building by Occupy Washington DC’ers

Occupy Washington DC’ers use young children in their blockade of building

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