Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Major Victory for Freedom?

Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development has been writing checks to every NGO, Politician and Non-profit, who pledge to uphold to the tenants of of A21/Sustainable Development.  The goals of A21/Sustainable Development is to put into place the necessary structure for global control of “all” property.

Without the ability of humans to own their property, all wealth creation around the globe will cease to exist.  It is not a secret that the reason the United States has more wealth than any other country is “because” of the citizen’s rights to their property, which is protected by the U.S. Constitution.  The country of Chile figured this out and because of that, the wealth of their citizen’s has exploded.

Congratulations to Canada, who plans to leave the Kyoto Protocols (A21/Sustainable Development) in order to retain their rights to their natural resources, and can now freely be used for the good of “Canada’s” wealth, safety and economic security.  With the Eurozone set to implode (largely due to their blind acceptance of the “Green Economy”), it is no wonder that all nations will rethink their efforts towards global governance.  You thought that the banking debacle of 2008 was “too big to fail”?  What will the world look like when all of the elite’s have control of your property rights, control of your natural resources and are able to print money at will for their scheme’s?  “That’s what too big to fail really is!”

The articles I’ve posted below are:

  • The “great” news that Canada will announce it’s intention to pull out of the Kyoto Protocols
  • A County in Colorado that successfully removed a Councilwoman because she violated her oath of office for implementing the doctrines of A21/Sustainable Development through the Counties membership with ICLEI.  She pursued the goals of an international organization, thus circumventing her oath of office to protect the citizen’s of the County’s rights of property through the political process and properly elected representation of the tax payers, in direct violation of the United States Constitution.

Here’s to those brave enough to turn their backs on the temptation of “money” from the Central Banks to push back against A21/Sustainable Development.  The United States needs this type of action to restore our Country and our economic health.

YiT,  Shelly

November 28, 2011

Another blow for warmist fraud: Canada pulling out of Kyoto Protocols

Thomas Lifson

Canada is reported to be planning to announce it is leaving the Kyoto Protocols, intended to reduce CO2 emissions in the hope of halting global warming, which hasn't occurred in the last decade, according to theories which lack actual scientific proof. The private Canadian CTV television network reports:

Canada will announce next month that it will formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, CTV News has learned.

The Harper government has tentatively planned an announcement for a few days before Christmas, CTV's Roger Smith reported Sunday evening.

The developments come as Environment Minister Peter Kent prepares for a climate conference in Durban, South Africa that opens on Monday, with delegates from 190 countries seeking a new international agreement for cutting emissions.

Issues on the agenda include extending the Kyoto emission targets, a move being championed by Christiana Figueres, head of the UN climate secretariat.

Kent said in the House of Commons on Nov. 22 he won't sign a document at the Durban conference that extends the Kyoto targets.

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Tuesday November 29, 2011

Recall of Councilor Poppaw Based on Violations of Oath of Office - Voted for policies and goals of foreign organizations through ICLEI

By Stacy Lynne

Posted June 11, 2011

Greeley, Colorado - Councilor Lisa Poppaw violated her sworn oath of office.  She violated her oath by voting for the policies and goals of foreign organizations which are in direct opposition to the United States Constitution.

The Climate Action Plan is a document developed through the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).  ICLEI is a foreign organization (www.iclei.org) which transforms local government through implementation of climate action plans and long-range sustainability plans (www.un.org; Plan Fort Collins/Local Agenda 21).  The climate action plan, which Councilor Poppaw references as justification for her voting decisions, takes authority from locally elected officials and gives that power to city employees.

ICLEI’s goals include eliminating free markets and individual rights in favor of collective rights and government controlled businesses.  Councilor Poppaw lobbies against private business development (council work session 09-08-09).

Councilor Poppaw voted for Ordinance No. 052, 2009, which forced private business owners to reveal proprietary information.  In conjunction with that ordinance, she voted for Resolution 2009-046 which directed staff to develop the pilot trash district program.  The trash pilot included the forceful removal of 6,600 private customers from locally owned businesses.  She explained that the concept of a pilot trash district was contained in the Climate Action Plan and “…the environmental gains of this project do not go far enough toward advancing the city’s Climate Action goals…” (Fort Collins Coloradoan, February 2, 2010).

Councilor Poppaw’s service to ICLEI is wasting taxpayers millions of dollars annually (2010-2011 Budget; fcgov.com):

  1. $1,100,000 to change incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs in city buildings (2009); energy savings:  unknown, expected payout:  10 years
  2. $4,400,000 to teach people how to purchase appliances and to pay rebates to people who buy new appliances
  3. $600,000 to educate the public about bicycle safety and to purchase bicycles for the city
  4. $1,200,000 to “Plan Fort Collins”
  5. $238,862 to teach people how to make environmental decisions
  6. $313,783 for Climate Wise (an ICLEI program focused on increasing costs and regulation to business owners)
  7. $111,258 for sustainability coordinator position to teach people about the environment
  8. $36,000,000 to double Transfort’s fleet and routes; less than one rider per bus per hour uses Transfort (2008 Transfort Annual Report)
  9. $16,776 for party patrol and party registration; the City wants to be notified when you have a BBQ at your home
  10. $1,228,672 combined environmental services to teach people about the environment

ICLEI and the Climate Action Plan have transformed the City of Fort Collins budgeting process.  “Triple bottom line” budgeting eliminates financial decisions which are based on economic factors.  Society, environment and economics are weighed equally, with “sustainability” being the deciding factor.

Councilor Poppaw’s support of ICLEI and the Climate Action Plan is destructive to businesses:

1. The Climate Action Plan includes goals of eliminating personal vehicle travel.  Six vehicle spaces were removed for on-street bicycle parking.  This costs surrounding businesses $1,800,000 annually.

2.  Private, locally-owned businesses are under direct attack by Councilor Poppaw because of her support of ICLEI and the Climate Action Plan.

Councilor Poppaw used the Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority (LETA) to advertise a political meeting.  In an email regarding her use of LETA (May 15, 2009), she said, “This is definitely a good-news item, because the call didn’t cost the City or taxpayers anything.”  LETA is funded by taxpayers for use as an emergency notification system.

Councilor Poppaw’s allegiance to foreign organizations and foreign goals is costing taxpayers millions of dollars and is a violation of her sworn oath to honor the United States Constitution.

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