Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tom DeWeese recap from Northwest Business Club luncheon from 11/9/11

Last week the Northwest Business Club hosted the renowned head of the American Policy Center, Tom DeWeese.  At the luncheon Mr. DeWeese spoke about Agenda 21, Sustainable Development in depth and local finance expert Richard Donahue, of Asset Advisors, recorded Mr. DeWeeses’s speech for his live, Saturday, radio program “Wealth Wake-up” on KGMI 790 AM.  I have linked to the audio version for you to listen to and share with your friends, family and contacts.

Mr. DeWeese has had Agenda 21’s role in “Sustainable Development” and ICLEI (you may notice that ICLEI has been working on the removing their ties to the United Nations and their International role) on his radar since the 1990’s.  As a lonely voice in the wilderness, Mr. DeWeese has trekked on to sound the alarm on the implementation of Agenda 21.  My goal here is to assist Mr. DeWeese in spreading the word, educating anyone who will take the time to read, listen and learn, how an international body of elitists have been planning to destroy the United States Constitution through local/state/federal implementation of this agenda.  What will be left when the protections that the U.S Constitution, the Washington State Constitution, the Whatcom County Charter and the Charter of the City of Bellingham, all have the language of Agenda 21, Sustainable Development as their guiding principle?  Since Agenda 21 is all about “sharing the wealth” on a global scale, there will be no protections afforded the citizen’s of the United States from the same tyrants and dictators that have wreaked havoc upon their citizen’s for centuries.

Listen closely to Mr. DeWeese’s words, take notes and educate yourself and others about Agenda 21.  As recently as Saturday, November 12th, 2011, at the South Carolina Republican Presidential debate, candidate Newt Gingrich spoke out about the United Nations and their role to implement Agenda 21 in the United States and around the globe.  So, with the help of many others, speaking out loud about Agenda 21, we can move it out of the shadows and into the light of consciousness for others.  Once everyone understands what Agenda 21 is and how it has been implemented in the shadows, outside of the political process, “We the People” can move to correct this massive fraud which has been intentionally perpetrated on “all” of us.

YiT,  Shelly

Interesting words to look up:

GNH – Gross National Happiness (replacing GNP – Gross National Production)

Natural Resources Marketplace (Cap ‘n’ Trade or Resource Bank)

Rails ‘n’ Trails

Wildlands Project  (or; Michael Shaw’s revelation of Wildlands if fully realized)

PPP – Public Private Partnership’s

Smart Growth

Complete Streets


Growth Management

Benefit Corporation (Corporation's given beneficial “leap-frog” access to funds and permit's because the political elite have deemed this corporation to be of social benefit to society – “Socialism” is a better description of this tactic.)

Sustainable Medicine (Manifesto)



  1. Good for Newt! If the left doesn't manage to attach a tin-foil hat to him about Agenda 21, he could win the election on this. He certainly has my vote!

  2. Newt is picking up steam yeh!- Tea Party people need to thoroughly work over this Bellingham and Whatcom Co. brain dead crowd of progressive regressives that keep messing up the elections .


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