Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Whatcom County Council supported by Councilman Mann??? and City Council Candidate Cathy Lehman???

As always, their words speak louder than mine.Sus Devp (small)

YiT,  Shelly

Occupy Whatcom County Council

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Wednesday, November 9 · 6:30pm - 9:00pm


Walk from Maritime to County Courthouse

311 Grand Ave

Bellingham, WA

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We need 99 people to gather at the #OB Encampment at 6:30. There will be a brief orientation at the encampment, and then an even more brief walk from the Encampment to the Whatcom County Courthouse... where there will be warmth. Warmth and democracy.
Each person is allowed 3 minutes to speak about any issue they feel is important.

  • Carrie Lynn

    What will the orientation be about?

    Like · · 5 hours ago

  • Richard May

    while it may be permissable to speak on "any issue", it would be highly helpful if occupy folks would aim for a focused, constructive, specific complaint or demand, so that the general public would have a better chance to understand and learn what the fuss is about.

    Like · · 13 hours ago
  • Shane M Roth

    It is my experience that there is always at least one representative of the 1% at County Council meetings. There needs to be at least 99 representatives from the 99% to achieve equity of attendance at County Council events.

    Like · · 21 hours ago
  • Iris Maute-Gibson

    I'm unfortunately going to be out of town; stay warm and fierce!

    Like · · 23 hours ago
  • Cathy Lehman

    I'll be speaking in the public hearing (and possibly in the open session as well) on behalf of Futurewise. Sounds like we're gonna pull an all-nighter! I'm game.

    Like · · Yesterday at 9:28am
  • Ken Mann

    Technically, I'll be attending...

    Like · · Yesterday at 9:12am
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      • Shane M Roth Ken is excused because he will be in a meeting at 6:30... nonetheless, he will be in the Encampment in spirit.

        Yesterday at 9:26am · Like

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  1. The wacky part is that many of these people and groups are already heavily funded by our taxes! In a way, I'm glad they're revealing their mean spirited looniness. What will they demand, I wonder?


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